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All-wheel-drive winter 2015

The winter is comming,in northern part of Europe it means snow and slippery road conditions as a result of snowing. What's the best way to have fun in this cold season? Pack out your all-wheel-drive car and go to a lonesome icy road or frozen lake! This is how the idea of this league has born - take LFS's both all-wheel-drive cars, use modified road sign "Slippery road" as logo,plan a callendar to have a nice variety of racing experience and here we go
# Subevent name Track Cars Date
- Round 1 FE5R RB4 Sun 28 Dec 19:30
- Round 2 SO6R FXR Sun 11 Jan 19:30
- round 3 A15 RB4 Sun 25 Jan 19:30
- round 4 BL2R FXR Sun 08 Feb 19:30
- R5 WE1 RB4 Sun 22 Feb 19:30
- R6 KY1 FXR Sun 08 Mar 19:30