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vF1 Championship 2015

After a long time without any F1 series in Live for Speed, we decided to finally bring back the breathtaking BMW Sauber F1.06 The series will be launched on 23rd of November and features six rounds covering the most famous locations of Aston, Kyoto, South City, Fern Bay and Westhill. Since tracks like AS5, KY2 or FE4 have been done many times in the past we chose a couple of open-configuration tracks instead.
# Subevent name Track Cars Date
- round 1 AS7 BF1 Sun 23 Nov 19:10
- round 2 K32R BF1 Sun 07 Dec 19:10
- round 3 SO4R BF1 Sun 21 Dec 19:10
- round 4 A23R BF1 Sun 04 Jan 19:10
- round 5 F21R BF1 Sun 18 Jan 19:10
- round 6 WE1R BF1 Sun 01 Feb 19:10